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September 5, 2021

Tempelhofer Feld


Wir haben den weltweit einzigen mindful Triathlon - Wanderlust 108 - neu konzipiert. In der ersten Etappe erwartet Euch ab sofort eine Fitness-Session, direkt gefolgt von einem Yoga Flow und zum Abschluss eine geführte Meditation. Wir zelebrieren gemeinsam mit unserer Community alle Aspekte von Wohlbefinden, Yoga und Fitness. Das ist der Wanderlust-Spirit! Nutze die Chance auf deinen eigenen #bestdayever und werde eins, mit unserer einzigartigen Gemeinschaft.




Das HIIT Workout vor unserer Hauptbühne wird Dich ordentlich wach machen. Lockeres Stretching wechselt sich mit kraftvollen Cardio-Einheiten ab, die Deinen Körper perfekt auf die weiteren Teile des Mindful Triathlons vorbereiten.




Eine 75-minütige Session begleitet von einem DJ auf der Hauptbühne für den perfekten Flow - das ist Yoga im Wanderlust Style. Egal ob es Dein erstes oder das 500. Mal auf der Matte ist, in dieser Session wirst du Deinen Rhythmus finden.




Es ist Zeit, Deinen Sitz zu finden. Unsere 30-minütige, geführte Meditation ist der beste Weg, Ruhe in deinen Geist einkehren zu lassen, Dich und das wunderbare Leben zu spüren und den Mindful Triathlon zu komplementieren.


Sonntag - 05.09.

Willkommen auf dem Tempelhofer Feld! 

Mehr Informationen findet Ihr demnächst hier.

08:00 - 09:30


Komm am besten zeitig um einen guten Platz zu bekommen. Breite deine Matte aus, hol dir einen Kaffee und erkunde den Kula Markt.

09:30 - 09:35

Seid willkommen an der Hauptbühne

Welcome durch unseren Host und gemeinsames Intention Setting für den Tag

09:35 - 10:10

1. Teil Triathlon - Fitness

Dehnen, kräftigen und schwitzen bei unserem Workout presented by She's Mercedes.

11:00 - 12:15

2. Teil Triathlon - Yoga

Wir treffen uns auf der Matte für einen Yoga-Flow zu inspirierenden Beats.

12:15 - 12:45

3. Teil Triathlon - Meditation

Runde den mindful Triathlon mit einer 30-minütigen Meditation ab. 

13:00 - 15:30

Entdecke den Kula Markt

Auf dem Kula Markt kannst Du lokale Händler entdecken, nachhaltige Produkte kaufen und leckeres, gesundes Essen für deinen Lunch genießen.


Getting Here

Tempelhofer Feld

Tempelhofer Damm

12101 Berlin


What's Included

What's Included

Full day of community engagement and live experiences to nourish your mindful soul

Wanderlust NOLO Bar bringing you low and no-alcoholic beverages mixed with a blend of chilled out tunes

Free "108 tune-up" classes: prepare for the 108 the Wanderlust way and be your best self, everywhere with month of free on-demand classes from the 108 London line-up and Wanderlust Ambassadors

Afternoon classes from our partners to explore the softer side of wellness to be announced

Unique Kula Marketplace host to exhibitors, local craft vendors and sustainable products to fill your basket

True North Cafe by District Coffee with a new menu from The Yoga Chef, Kim Parsons


1 =  Unity  0 = Wholeness  8 = Infinite Love

Wanderlust 108 is a full-day celebration in support of the mindful movement, featuring a triathlon unlike any you’ve ever known. We bring together three intentional activities in your favorite local park: a group fitness class, an outdoor yoga flow class, and a guided meditation. Following the triathlon, you can explore our sponsor areas for more activities and classes, or just fill your basket at the Kula Marketplace, 

Nationally recognised teachers, spiritual leaders, and musical talent are featured at each event to make for a fun-filled, empowering day both on and off your mat. From DJs on the main stage to local vendors offering organic food and crafts, and charitable organizations making an impact in your local community.

Join a vibrant community to spread love, peace, compassion, and well-being into the world.

This is a triathlon for everybody, so come join our mindful community. 

This is a non-competitive, just-for-fun opportunity to do it all. And by all we mean all together, supporting each other as we push our boundaries and challenge ourselves with new experiences. The bigger the cheering section, the better!

Wanderlust has been scheduled to take place after the government implements the removal of all social restrictions.

We are, however, constantly monitoring government guidelines because your safety is our priority. Should the lockdown timeline alter, we are ready to deploy our covid-safety plan to keep you safe.

Should we need to cancel Wanderlust 108 London for any other reason post this date, we will refund all ticket holders in full.

All tickets are transferable. To transfer your ticket to another person, please contact 

Wanderlust employs a strict no refund policy for any other reason other than the full cancellation of the event by Wanderlust.

Refunds for all customers will be accepted up until 21st June 2021, at the point at which the government has said they will implement the removal of restrictions. Should we need to cancel Wanderlust 108 London for any other reason post this date, we will refund all ticket holders in full.

Wanderlust 108 London has been redesigned from the ground up to be a safe and fun community wellness event. Though, as an open-air, outdoor event, Wanderlust 108 is already amongst the safest group participation activities available, we've taken a number of additional steps to ensure your safety. 

These include the creation of defined socially distant practice areas, a new location in the park to provide more open space, pre-registration to minimise crowding on check-in, and the replacement of the 5k run, which tends to cluster attendees, with a group fitness experience. As no measure is 100% perfect, we are working to get our on-site staff vaccinated and strongly encourage all attendees to vaccinate as soon as possible.

Yes! Kids can also participate. For those 13 and under, tickets are free however they will only be allowed to join in the Mindful Triathlon and will not be allowed to partake in The Uncommons activities. They will also need to be accompanied by an adult. For children aged 14-17 they will need to purchase a 108 Teen Ticket however they will only be allowed to participate in the Mindful Triathlon and will need to be accompanied by an adult too. For lost children please report to the Information Tent.

A photo ID and PDF ticket, printed or digital, will be required for check-in. An e-ticket will be e-mailed to you 7 days before the event.

An option to book a bag check to store a yoga mat, bag and other belongings is available for purchase before the event.

  • Bring your photo ID and PDF ticket, printed or digital, to check-in upon arrival. 
  • The essentials: yoga mat and running/walking shoes.
  • Bring your plastic and your paper currency because our vendors will accept both cards and cash. You will want to bring enough for local eats, Wanderlust merchandise, and anything else that strikes your fancy. IMPORTANT: Purchase Wanderlust merchandise with CREDIT CARD only.
  • We want you to enjoy the sun, but stay safe in it, too. Since you’ll be outdoors, don’t forget your sunscreen, sunglasses, hat, and reusable water bottle.
  • Layers: We want you to be comfortable no matter what the weather brings, so come prepared with layers that you can add or subtract depending on the temperature. Bring your hoodie or a light jacket — and a rain jacket just in case! The event will go on rain or shine. If there is lightning we’ll pause until we have been in the clear for 30 minutes.
  • If you want to store your mat and belongings during the mindful triathlon, you’re welcome to bring a backpack. See above for more info on bag check. 

The Wanderlust Lifestyle Pack will be shipped to you one week before the event.


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