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Wanderlust 108 Cluj-Napoca

September 11, 2022

Strada Teodor Mihali, Cluj-Napoca 400394


Reinventat pentru 2022, Wanderlust 108 - singurul triatlon de mindfulness din lume - va introduce fitness-ul de grup ca prima etapă a triatlonului nostru, urmată de yoga și meditație ghidată.




The triathlon will be opened by Horatiu Dumitrescu, who will energize the participants through his Functional Training Sequences class, a fitness experience that will strengthen the body and restore balance.




Julio D. Papi will lead a 60-minute Iyengar yoga class to the live rhythms of the DJ - this is the Wanderlust mode. Whether it is the first or the 500th time you step on the yoga mat, you will find your rhythm in this class for all levels.




Take your place in the crowd. Our 30-minute meditation guided by Avisek Majumdar will free your mind, relax your body and complete the mindfulness triathlon.


We are sure that it is the coolest #lineup for the first edition of Wanderlust 108, for this reason we guarantee that it will be the coolest experience!

Julio D. Papi

Julio D. Papi

YOGA - IYENGAR® Yoga Certified Teacher by the Ramamami Iyengar Memorial Yoga Institute in Pune, Spain, Julio is a t...

YOGA - IYENGAR® Yoga Certified Teacher by the Ramamami Iyengar Memorial Yoga Institute in Pune, Spain, Julio is a true "Fitness Legend" that has turned into Yoga, been invited to work and teach in over 45 countries, has a degree in sports science and physiotherapy, wears a black Kyokushinkai Karate belt and is one of the most well-known fitness professionals today. His motivation is the spread of the intelligent movement for a better world and he personifies the evolution from fitness to yoga through effort, study, and love. His classes are full of details, dense and challenging, he teaches actions to his students, and through action, he builds the power to achieve the ultimate goal of Yoga. Happiness. The true self.

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Avisek Majumdar

Avisek Majumdar

MEDITATION - Born in India, Avisek grew up in the culture of yoga and mindfulness, and was exposed to spiritual edu...

MEDITATION - Born in India, Avisek grew up in the culture of yoga and mindfulness, and was exposed to spiritual education from childhood. He was fortunate to be guided by the great spiritual mentors in the tradition of the Bihar Yoga School, Satyananda Yoga, Ramakrishna Mission and HH Dalai Lama. For the last 12 years he has settled in Romania, where he follows the mission of his guru and leads the Prakriti yoga school, which offers yoga classes and retreats throughout Romania.

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Horatiu Dumitrescu

Horatiu Dumitrescu

FITNESS - From Romania, UNEFS graduate - First specialization Athletics, 2nd specialization Volleyball; Graduate Ma...

FITNESS - From Romania, UNEFS graduate - First specialization Athletics, 2nd specialization Volleyball; Graduate Master UNEFS - Sports Management; Athletics Coach; 2nd Master also performed at UNEFS - Physical Trainer for several sports; 2 years Management Course in Business, Communication Skills and Value of the Products; 23 years of performance increase - ATHLETICS; Former member of the Olympic Athletics team of Romania; Multiple winner and medalist at the National Championships, Balkan Championships, University Championships; Medalist at the European Youth Championships; Participant in many International Athletics Grand Prix; Legitimated at a professional athletics club in Italy for 9 years; Fitness trainer for three women's volleyball teams from the Italian A1 and A2 Championships; Emeritus Master of Sports; I also practiced basketball, football, and kickboxing (for 3 years in Italy).  I have been evolving in the field of fitness for over 15 years; Participant in several TV shows for informational and educational purposes. SPECIALIZATIONS: University Diploma, PT Course in Italy, PT Course in Romania by Romanian Fitness Federation; Several specializations in the field of fitness acquired by participating in courses such as: Schwinn Cycling, Les Mills, Bosu, Kettlebell, Bulgarian Bag, etc; Participant in over 100 workshops and PT / GF / Nutrition work concepts. 

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Anya Glushkova

Anya Glushkova

YOGA - From Russia, IYENGAR® Yoga certified teacher by RIMYI in Pune, former rhythmic gymnast, living in Bucharest,...

YOGA - From Russia, IYENGAR® Yoga certified teacher by RIMYI in Pune, former rhythmic gymnast, living in Bucharest, coach at World Class Romania and Master Trainer at Move On Fitness Education. A graduate in pedagogy from the University of Krasnodar (Russia), she is the only Fletcher Pilates® teacher officially registered in Romania and also the only Advanced Fletcher® Pilates provider in the country. Fletcher Pilates® being "closest to the source", direct descendants of Joseph and Clara Pilates through their student Ron Fletcher. She fights for a world without plastic, she likes to cook vegetarian, she is a happy mother and has been practicing yoga for more than a decade. Share what you love and you can feel it.

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Gina Radu

Gina Radu

YOGA - From Romania, Certified Yoga Teacher by Yoga Alliance (E-RYT® 200 & YACEP®), Master Trainer at Move On Y...

YOGA - From Romania, Certified Yoga Teacher by Yoga Alliance (E-RYT® 200 & YACEP®), Master Trainer at Move On Yoga Academy and Yoga Instructor at World Class Romania. Gina is teaching Hatha Yoga for the last 6 years and keeps improving her practice and ways of teaching trough workshops & trainings. Her style is oriented towards alignment, discipline and attention to detail. Her classes are challenging, energizing, with an emphasis on physical effort, in order to achieve a high level of concentration needed for self-awareness, but always accessible and taught gently. Her intention is to share with you the practice of yoga, to bring you balance and well-being both on the yoga mat as in everyday life.

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9:00 - 10:00

Register and start the day with a coffee!

Arrive early to check in. Prepare your yoga mat, have a coffee and explore Kula Market.

10:00 - 11:00

Triathlon Part 1: Group fitness

Tone, sweat and energize yourself in the fitness class led by Horatiu Dumitrescu.

11:00 - 12:00

Triathlon Part 2: Yoga

Step on the yoga mat for an Iyengar yoga class led by Julio Papi, to the mindfulness rhythms of the DJ

12:00 - 13:00

Triathlon Part 3: Meditation

Complete the mindfulness triathlon with 30 minutes of meditation that will awaken your soul under the guidance of Avisek Majumdar.

13:00 - 14:30

Have lunch and relax

After a long day in which you fed your soul, you will need energy for your body.

14:30 - 17:30

Clase Suplimentare

Înscrie-te gratuit la clasele suplimentare Wanderlust. LOCURI LIMITATE! Trainerii noștri ți-au pregătit o serie de clase interactive la care poți participa după activitățile principale ale evenimentului. Îți recomandăm să-ți rezervi din timp locul. Poți alege între Hatha Yoga, Pilates, Acroyoga, Aerial Yoga și multe altele.

10:00 - 21:00

Discover Kula Market

Discover Kula Market, where you will find local suppliers of food, beverages, sustainable brands, clothing, jewelry, handicrafts and an extremely diverse range of wellness products. In addition, we have our own bar with chill-out songs.


Getting Here

Strada Teodor Mihali, Cluj-Napoca 400394


400394 Cluj-Napoca


Iulius Parc

Iulius Parc

What's Included

What's Included

A full day of involvement in our community and live experiences to comfort your soul

Kula Market hosts local suppliers and sustainable products to fill your basket

We will soon announce the extra classes offered by our partners. Get ready to discover the soft part of wellness!



Book your lunch prepared with the freshest ingredients and enjoy the Wanderlust experience!




My first, but definitely not my last, Wanderlust 108. Looking forward to doing it all again in London.


An amazing day, with all my favourite things in one place!


I had such a great experience! Learned so much about myself and who knew I can be so mindful and appreciative.


Best day of the summer line-up in London!



1 = Unity 0 = Integrity 8 = Infinite love

Wanderlust 108 is a one-day celebration in support of the mindfulness movement, offering a different triathlon than you have ever known. We gather three activities in your favorite park: a fitness class, an outdoor yoga class and a guided meditation. After the triathlon, you can explore our partners' areas for more activities and courses or simply visit Kula Market.

Teachers, nationally recognized spiritual leaders are present at each event. Everything in order to make your day more fun and to induce a feeling of well-being, both on and off the mattress. From the lineup on the main stage, to local vendors offering organic food and charities that have an impact on your local community.

Join a vibrant community to spread love, peace, compassion and well-being in the world.

This is a triathlon for everyone, so join our mindfulness community.

This is not a competition, but an opportunity for fun. The bigger the wave of encouragement, the better!

Wanderlust 108 Cluj-Napoca is scheduled to take place in September 2022.

We are constantly monitoring government recommendations, because your safety is our priority. Should the restrictions change, we are ready to implement our covid safety plan to keep you safe.

If we need to cancel Wanderlust 108 for any other reason, we will defer tickets for the new date or refund the full value of the tickets.

Tickets for all registered participants will be generated one week ahead of the event and send via email. Tickets will be generated only for successfully paid and confirmed registrations.

All tickets are transferable. To transfer the ticket to another person, please send an email to

Wanderlust 108 has been redesigned from the ground up to be a safe and fun community wellness event. Although, as an outdoor event, Wanderlust 108 is already among the safest group activities available, we have taken a number of additional steps to ensure your safety.

These include the creation of practice areas taking into account social distancing, a new location in the park to provide more open space, pre-registration to minimize congestion at check-in and the replacement of the 5k race, which tends to group participants, with a group fitness experience. As no measure is 100% perfect, we work to vaccinate our on-site staff and encourage all participants to get vaccinated as soon as possible.

Sorry, children up to 12 years old cannot participate.

Children aged between 14 and 17 will have to pay the participation fee (for their age category), with the mention that participation will be allowed only in the activities carried out on the main stage. 

They will also need to be accompanied by an adult.


Wanderlust 108 Cluj-Napoca

Romania· September 11, 2022· 1 day